With the approach of Hurricane Florence and the declared state of emergency Historic Rural Hill has made the difficult  decision to cancel all events this weekend including the Rural Hill Quidditch Cup and the opening weekend of the Amazing Maize Maze.  We are working to reschedule the Rural Hill Quidditch Cup and are looking at all options with our participating teams and vendors.  

We appreciate everyone's understanding as we explore our options for a rain date. 

If you would like to be considered to vend at the Rural Hill Quidditch Cup, please contact jessica@ruralhill.net

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I bring in with me?
Please feel free to bring folding camp chairs, blankets, and pop-up style tents and umbrellas. You may not bring in any outside food or beverage into the festival site.

Do I need to bring cash?
Yes. While many vendors will be able to process debit/credit card payments, some may not. It is definitely a good idea to come with cash on hand.

Are dogs allowed?
Sorry, no pets are allowed for this event.

Will you have alcohol for sale?
If you’d like to drink wine and/or beer, please be sure to have your ID ready to be presented to Rural Hill Staff. If you appear to be 40 or under you will be asked to present ID, no exceptions.

Where’s the smoking section?
There’s not one. Pursuant to Mecklenburg County Ordinance, Rural Hill is now a tobacco-free zone. This includes both smoking, smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes, vaporizers and other such devices.

What about parking?
Historic Rural Hill has plenty of parking spaces available; just follow the signs as you approach the festival from Neck Road. Parking is FREE. 

I have a drone, can I fly it and take pictures of the property and people at the event?
Drones are not allowed on Rural Hill property or at ANY Rural Hill event unless written permission from Rural Hill Staff has been obtained. To inquire about obtaining permission, please contact the office of Rural Hill at 704 875 3113 or email Jeff@ruralhill.net

What are those cool buffalo looking things inside that fence?
That is Historic Rural Hill’s small herd of Scottish Highland Cattle. Bubba, Fiona, Dolly, and Davidson live on the farm throughout the year and are a key part of our educational programs, which reach over 2500 students each year.


Can I touch them?
Please see above statement in all caps.

I still have questions. Who can I contact?
Feel free to contact Rural Hill staff Monday – Friday from 8:30 – 5:00 at 704 875 3113 or email us at office@ruralhill.net

Camping Rules, Details and Guidelines:

All campsites are available on a first come and space available basis.

The campground will open at 3:00pm Friday September 14th.
All campers must be out of the campground by 7pm on Sunday the 16th of September. Friday night only camping is not available: you must commit to camping through the weekend until Sunday morning.

Inappropriate behavior on the part of any one in attendance will not be tolerated. Any incidents requiring investigation by Historic Rural Hill /Festival staff and / or local law enforcement could result in expulsion from the camping area and Historic Rural Hill without refund of fees. The use of illegal substances or the consumption of hard liquor is not allowed and will be dealt with accordingly.
All camp sites are available on a first-come-first-serve basis and may be selected by the campground manager based on your needs and vehicle.

If you have any questions about any of these guidelines, please ask for campground manager Eric Ferguson.


“First come first serve? But I reserved a campsite already??? Will there be room for me?”
Yes and yes. Our campground has been managed by the same person for 25 years – they keep a close watch on the number of reservations received for all types of campsites. Our campground is an open field with some wooded areas as well. If you’ve reserved a campsite by purchasing a camping ticket there will be room for you and you will have a place to set up camp, but it is up to you to get here in a timely manner to nab the perfect spot.

Where’s my car going to go?
Vehicles are only allowed to drop off camping gear and must be quickly moved to the campground’s parking area nearby. There will be no vehicles allowed inside the campground due to safety and space concerns.

Can I have a campfire?
Campfires are allowed in designated fire rings only. YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN FIRE RING. You must use a camp stove for cooking.

What about all this trash I made?
There is a dumpster located near the entrance. Please use it. The alternative is to pack your trash out with you. Please practice Leave No Trace principles.

What about water?
There are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE water hookups for RV’s in the campground, and spigots located nearby for tent campers.

Aw Man, I forgot to bring ice for my all my canned-not-bottled NC Beer!
Ice will be available on the festival grounds at $3.00 per 8-pound bag. You will be responsible for its transport from the festival grounds to the campground. To purchase ice, ask for Eric Ferguson, campground manager.

I need to sleep.
So do we, and most of us will be camping with you.We know this is a Quidditch Tournament, but please, no yelling / singing, no instrument playing, loud radios, or televisions after 12 a.m. on Friday or Saturday night.

Can I bring my pet owl/toad/cat to the festival?
Pets are NOT allowed at Historic Rural Hill during the Tournament, this includes the campground.

How far of a walk is it to the festival?
The campground is easy walking distance from the main festival grounds and complimentary shuttles are provided to help transport campers back and forth from the festival area throughout the day.
Restrooms are available in the campground.

My feet need a tan – should I walk around in this field barefoot?
To avoid potential pain and discomfort due to poison ivy exposure, the staff of Historic Rural Hill STRONGLY recommend that close-toed shoes be worn at all times in the campground and that campers stay out of wooded areas.

Where’s the smoking section?
There’s not one. The land on which the RHQC is presented is the property of Mecklenburg County yet managed by Historic Rural Hill. For that reason, individuals and groups on the premises must follow requirements set by Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation. As of 2015, Pursuant to Mecklenburg County Ordinance, Rural Hill is now a tobacco-free zone site wide, including the campground. This includes both smoking, smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes, vaporizers and other such devices.

Can I bring in my own food and beverages?
Yes, you are welcome to bring food and beverages into the campground, but not the festival grounds. Packing a cooler? Please make sure you’re packing independently owned NC canned beer. Why? Because we support our local breweries and hope you do too!
Notice how in the above paragraph we didn't mention glass bottles? It's because they're not allowed. Neither is hard alcohol.
If you have any questions about any of these guidelines, please ask for campground manager Eric Ferguson.

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